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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Indu Fashions charge to sew a garment?

A price quote can only be given once we see a sample garment or a garment similar to the one you wish to have sewn.

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I have a sample of my garment and would like Indu Fashions to provide a sewing price quote. What do I do next?
You can send your garment to our facility (please see the Contact page for our address). Once we receive your garment, we will look over the construction then provide you with a price quote. If you would like your sample sent back please include either a pre-paid USPS Priority envelope or a UPS/FedEx account code.

I don’t have a sample garment but I have a drawing. Can you provide a sewing quote?
No, we can not. We need a sample of the garment or a garment similar to the one you will be producing.

I have a pattern and would like Indu Fashions to sew a sample. What do I do next?
Cut your pattern from the fabric you wish to use and send it along with all required trims (elastic, zippers, labels, etc.) and a sample of the finished garment to us. Alternatively, you can send the pattern, fabric and trims and we will cut the pattern from the fabric. However, the cost will be doubled.

How much does Indu Fashions charge to make samples?
Samples begin at $50 each (this price may vary depending on the simplicity / complexity of the actual garment) if the fabric pieces are already cut. If the pattern has to be cut from fabric and sewn, the price doubles.

How long does it take to make samples?
This varies depending on the quantity of samples and the accuracy of the pattern. With that said, the average time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I visit your facility?
We welcome you to visit our facility anytime with an appointment.  Please  contact us to make an appointment.

I have a unique design. Will Indu Fashions sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Yes. You can email or fax the NDA. Please see the Contact page for fax number and email address.

What are minimum unit requirements?
Purchase orders are a minimum of 300 pieces per color for 5 sizes. This includes all sizes and up to four colorways (i.e. 150 small black shorts, 150 medium blue shorts and 200 red large shorts meet the 300 unit minimum).

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What if I only want to produce less than the 300 unit minimum for my first production run?
Purchase Orders between 50 and 299 units are charged at triple the production sewing cost. Orders below 50 units are considered samples and charged accordingly.

Does Indu Fashions offer pattern making services?
Please contact us with details of your project.

Does Indu Fashions provide any raw materials?
No, we do not provide fabric or any trims (i.e. elastic, zippers, labels, heat transfers, hang tags, etc).

What is Indu Fashions production lead time?
4-6 weeks

What type of garments does Indu Fashions have experience with?
Indu Fashions specializes in production of sportswear clothing and accessories. Garments we have sewn in the past and present include: cycling apparel (bike shorts, jerseys, bibs, vests, leg warmers and arm warmers), triathalon apparel (tri-suits, shorts), bra tops, running shorts, rash guards, complete yoga wear, and post-surgical garments. Accessories we have sewn in the past and present include: skull caps, balaclavas, face masks, leg warmers, arm warmers, gloves, scarves, head bands and bra tops.

Are there fabrics that Indu Fashions does not work with?
We do not sew thick fabrics such as canvas, denim, etc.

Can Indu Fashions sew swimsuits?
Yes, we can sew swimsuits. However, not if they have embelishments such as rhinestones, gems, tassels etc.

I am starting my own line of clothing. Can you please let me how much it will cost?
Indu Fashions is a sewing contractor providing cutting and sewing services. Since we do not provide any raw materials our price only reflects the sewing production cost per unit.

For further information please contact us.